This week, the news in Indonesia covered the inspiring story of an 84 year old grandfather named Mi’in.

After 40 years of saving, Mi’in, who works as a street sweeper, is now going to hajj.

Unfamiliar with the banking system, he would tuck away 2000 Rupiahs (20 cents) a day from his daily earnings into a pillowcase, and occasionally transfer it to a sack to put under his pillow. At the end of the month, he would set aside another 5000 rupiahs (50 cents) from his monthly salary of 300 thousand rupiahs ($30), which he shared with his in-laws.  The rest would be for food.

“I want to see the ka’abah. I want to make du’a. So I just saved and saved.” he said.

With that, his savings grew until it reached almost 40 million rupiahs ($4000).  Guessing that it would be enough, he took his sack of savings to the bank and registered to go to hajj this year.

He left for hajj this week.

May Allaah SWT accept his prayers, and forgive everyone on his behalf… Aameen.


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